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Intelligent IP Video/Surveillance.

Dry Canyon is a major distributor and installer for many industry leading IP Camera systems. We offer the best products on the market and tailor the solutions to your needs. We specialize in IP systems but also offer converting your existing investments to IP platforms until you can justify the cost of replacement. In most cases, our customers have a mix of IP and Analog camera solutions to complete their requirements. The advantages of IP based solutions are that you can view and manage your cameras anywhere in the world while controlling who has access.

Need to manage all of your cameras but can't find a good solution?

Our engineers have the experience and training to help design and configure a solution for you. We offer solutions from PTZ and fixed cameras, to indoor and outdoor rated systems. We install environmental enclosures as required which offer year round heating and cooling to protect your investment. No matter where you need video surveillance, we can help you design a system that will meet your needs. Since our background is in networking and wireless we offer a huge advantage to those that are worried about the impacts of IP Video over your existing LAN/WAN. We can provide real world data and troubleshooting assistance you require to make sure this solution is for you. An advantage to the ONSSI solution is managing who has access to what video and how that video is pushed to that person.

"Dry Canyon has shown us that they are capable, willing and ready to assist us with all phases of our operation including low voltage control wiring, wireless radios, networking software and hardware as well as tower erection and maintenance and security camera systems."
– Mike Tobin Irrigation Systems Manager Threemile Canyon Farms, LLC
Sony Proxim OnSSI Alvarion