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Towers & Structures


Along with our service in the wireless industry, we offer full end to end solutions in communication tower designing and constructing services.

Dry Canyon has the expertise to help you determine the tower requirements and plan out the location for your site. We offer full solutions with Outdoor rated NEMA enclosures and fully grounded towers to protect your investments. If your site requires a much more available solution with backup power and additional space we can help you assess and plan out a communications site.

We offer solutions from many manufacturers in both Guyed and Self-Support models. Each has their own benefits, but Dry Canyon can help you make that decision with actual data and variables that will play into the design requirements.

Instead of guessing what tower height or style you require just ask Dry Canyon for assistance! We offer FREE assessment of your site and offer information that will help you decide on the solution right for you. If the solution requires a more in-depth view into the network and requirements we offer these services for a small fee which will save you time and money!

If you are simply adding or moving equipment on an existing structure we are happy to assist!

"Dry Canyon has shown us that they are capable, willing and ready to assist us with all phases of our operation including low voltage control wiring, wireless radios, networking software and hardware as well as tower erection and maintenance and security camera systems."
– Mike Tobin Irrigation Systems Manager Threemile Canyon Farms, LLC
Sony Proxim OnSSI Alvarion