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Dry Canyon's corporate office is located in Redmond, OR with a second location in Pendleton, OR. 

With a team of employees stationed in the Northern region of Oregon as well as a group in Central Oregon, we are able to provide many services to the Pacific Northwest. With individuals specializing in different areas we are able to cover many bases: electrical, OSP construction, networking, wireless communications, surveillance, training, tower services, and industrial automation.

Site Assessments

Dry Canyon will come in at your request and perform an assessment of your systems, including wireless, wired, network security, Microsoft Office productivity, or other specific system(s) you may have. Any initial site survey or security assessment is done free of charge. Your options will be explained to you clearly and recommendations will be made from an industry standard approach. A solution needs to work for you. We know not all solutions will be the same and take into consideration any special circumstances which may be presented by your business needs and your environment. Advanced solutions and audits are also available!

All of our services also offer a deep dive into your systems before you invest large amounts of money and time into a solution you aren't quite sure you need. Dry Canyon will make every effort to sell you solutions that meet your overall business model and budget. We strongly recommend all of our customers get this full site audit or tailor a specific survey to your product needs BEFORE purchasing a solution. We have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing these assessments before installation. Several of our customers have commented that our surveys provide excellent information and data to really justify project expenses. This not only helps you as the customer but it helps Dry Canyon in providing a solid solution we can both be proud of.

Project Management

Technology today is growing at an exponential rate. Whether your need is to track a simple project or to help your company meet its business objectives on a much larger scale, Dry Canyon has the experts to align your business goals with the scope of work and timeline for a project. Taking all of the worry off you and your staff! If you have a project in the communications/electronic field, Dry Canyon can help oversee projects and ensure they are completed to your specifications and industry standard. Let us do the heavy thinking and keep you updated with a real-time view of where your project is, and where it's going. Dry Canyon offers industry standards following the ITIL platform to guarantee your project will be on time and within your budget.


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